1. Guns & Money
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Guns & Money

I bought a gun to protect my money
Now I ain’t got a penny to my name
So I’m gunna shoot the next man that walks on by
And steal all his spare change

When I was a gamblin’ man,
I gambled night and day
Lost out on both house and home
and I had no place to stay

Now I got me a cute little lady
Pretty as can be
She holds on tight right through the night
And she shakes it just for me

Now I ain’t goin nowhere
Baby not even an inch
I ain’t got a thing that bothers me
I’m a happy little son of a bitch

I get my rocks off running around
Maybe a little more than the rest
Turn it up, and a sip my cup
Cuz daddy always knows what’s best

Rollin’ on down the highway
Keep it at 75
Hang’n by a thread just until youre dead
But makin’ sure I’m alive