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* We on TV! Guns & Money was featured on Travel Channel's 'Expedition Unknown" (Seaon 1; Episode 3)

Watch here: Expedition Unknown: "World's 8th Wonder"

* We on tha radio!! KCB was featured on Alt 98.7 Sunday, July 20 on the show "Close to Home" showcasing all local talent! Our fearless singer/guitar player was representin' solo.

Listen here:
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About KCB....

Kansas City Bankroll is a Los Angeles trio led by Noah Engh on guitar, slide and vocals, with Tom French on stand-up bass, and Scotty Lund pounding the skins. KCB is a mix of rock, blues, southern rockabilly and cowpunk all finely blended to create unique, infectious music delivered by guys with a rare chemistry which erupts on stage offering a dynamic and memorable LIVE show. These boys have never had a rehearsal yet play with the ease and fury of a runaway freight train fueled by nasty low-grade tequila and gas station coffee!

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Self Titled CD

Self Titled CD

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Buy the CD and get 2 BONUS tracks "Daddy Rollin Stone" and "Every Woman I Know"!! (NOT available on Download)

Kansas City Bankroll: Album Download

Kansas City Bankroll: Album Download

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